About I-CAST

I-CAST offers is a unifying application for technologies to improve performance of competitive and non-competitive athletes.

The central theme of research and development of new technologies directly associated with competitive sports is unique, giving UA faculty, staff and students the opportunity to be part of the first such research center in the nation.


I-CAST will be devoted to the development of new technologies and the application of existing technologies for the primary purpose of reducing injury, accelerating recovery from injury, enhancing human performance and optimizing nutrition in performance and recovery.


The technical focus of I-CAST provides the possibility of rapid innovation that generates intellectual property that can reach the marketplace quickly, and not just for athletics. The technologies developed through I-CAST could potentially impact a wide variety of other applications and uses.

The center is set up to respond to ideas from physicians, trainers and athletes quickly. Typical projects will involve at least two people, one representing the athletic or sports application and one representing the primary technology area used in the application.


I-CAST brings together people from across campus with a passion in this niche topic who already are collaborating on innovative research. The center is supported by the College of Engineering, College of Education, College of Human Environmental Sciences and Crimson Tide Athletics. Divisions represented in I-CAST include: